If you appreciate candid, non-traditional, and genuine photographs that authentically capture your love story, then you’re in the right place.

I often hear couples express their feelings of being overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. The wedding industry can be all-consuming, making it easy to lose sight of the true essence of your celebration. 

Amidst the pressure of a conventional big wedding, it’s understandable to desire a celebration that truly resonates with you. For some, this might mean opting for a more intimate guest list, embarking on an elopement to a new destination, or extending the festivities over a weekend with your closest loved ones. I 

want you to know that your wedding day doesn’t have to conform to the norm. Your day should reflect what feels uniquely and authentically “you,” and I’m here to support and capture every moment of it.

Hey there, I’m Madison, a photojournalism major who’s been fully immersed in the world of wedding photography for the past four years. My daily life revolves around connecting with incredible couples, jetting off to various corners of the globe, and capturing the beautiful narratives of love. 

It’s hard to believe that after almost four years, I still wake up every day feeling blessed to call this my career.