How to Achieve Genuine Storytelling in Photography with Vapes

The beauty of photography lies in its ability to capture a singular moment in time, telling a story that resonates with both the photographer and the viewer. While subjects will vary, the introduction of vaping, or electronic cigarettes, has added a unique and modern touch to the storytelling possibilities. But how can we intertwine the world of vaping with the art of photography to produce compelling narratives?

Let’s find out.

Setting the Scene with Smoke

By their very nature, vape clouds are ephemeral as they fade, shift, and change shape rapidly. This dynamic feature can be employed to create a mood. For example, a dense cloud of vapor can evoke mystery, intrigue, or even a sense of isolation.

On the other hand, lighter clouds can denote calmness, thought, or introspection.

Color and Light Play

The glycerin-based liquid used in vapes creates a translucent vapor when heated. This then interacts beautifully with light. By using colored LED lights, or by timing your shoot during the ‘golden hour’ of sunset or sunrise, the vape clouds can take on hues that add depth to your story.

The contrast between the vibrant colors of the sunset and the misty white of vape smoke can create a juxtaposition of nature and technology which adds layers to your narrative.

The Human Element

Every story needs a protagonist.

When incorporating vapes into your photos, think about the individual holding the device. Are they a rebel, finding solace in a break from society’s norms? Or perhaps they’re a dreamer, lost in the wispy thoughts that the vape clouds represent?

Their attire, posture, and expression, coupled with the act of vaping, can convey powerful emotions and stories.

Context and Backdrop

While close-ups of swirling vape clouds are captivating, the background plays a significant role in storytelling.

An urban setting with graffiti walls can tell a tale of modern rebellion, while a serene park or quiet room might emphasize personal reflection. The location sets the stage for your story, so choose a setting that complements the narrative you want to convey.

Sequence and Progression

Telling a story often involves progression. As such, consider creating a photo series that follows the journey of a vaper.

The initial frame could depict the anticipation – fingers poised to activate the device. Meanwhile, the middle frame might capture the act, with clouds beginning to form.

The concluding image could either portray satisfaction, a moment post-vape, or perhaps ambiguity, with the smoke obscuring the subject’s face to leave the story open-ended.

Cultural Commentary

Vaping is not merely a recreational act; it’s a cultural phenomenon. It emerged as an alternative to smoking, but it has since gained its own identity, with vape lounges, communities, and even art forms around it.

Your photographs can comment on this shift. Are we witnessing a new form of social bonding, or is it an updated version of past habits?


Photographer have a powerful medium to depict reality, dreams, hopes, and reflections of society.

By incorporating elements like vapes, we’re merely adding a contemporary twist to this timeless art. As with all narratives, the key is to remain authentic, observant, and creative.

The stories are out there, waiting to be told; all you need is a camera, a bit of vape, and a vision.

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